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Terms of Service

These terms of service (hereinafter called "Terms") applies to individuals and entities (hereinafter called the "Customer") who use and place an order with the commercial website “” (hereinafter called the “Website”) operated by Mountain Tribe Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”)
The Terms are applied when Customer uses and places an order with the Website. Thus please ensure to read and understand the Terms before using the Website.

Article 1 Member Registration
When the Customer places an order on the Website for the first time, the Customer needs to agree to the Terms. Then as an option, the Customer can register their information such as name and address in order to obtain an ID and password from the Company to complete a member registration. By signing up to be a member, the Customer can save time filling in their personal details whenever they complete a purchase and check out will be faster as well as providing the Customer with information about upcoming sales and coupons.
1. Membership
The Customer who completed the specified member registration procedure after agreeing to the Terms will be a qualified member. The member registration procedure must be performed by the person applying for membership. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all. In addition, the Company may reject to register an applicant whose membership was canceled in the past or whom the Company determines as not appropriate.
2. New Member Information Entry
At the time of member registration process, please read the note on the information entry and enter the necessary information in the specified entry forms without errors. Please check country/ region for registration from “Applicable Country/Region”. Special symbols, Old Kanji characters and Roman numerals are not allowed to use for the member registration process. When these characters are found in the registration, the Company may change them.
3. Password Management
(1) Password shall be handled only by the password owner and shall not be used by or be transferred to third parties.
(2) Member shall be responsible for management of his/her own password. Password should be changed regularly not to be known by others.
(3) Responsibility of payment and other issues arising from the use of password shall be taken by the member.

Article 2 Change of Registration Information
When a change in registration information has occurred, such member shall promptly login the Website and then update the information. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages arising from the failure of updating the information in a timely manner. Please note that the transaction made before the update shall be settled based on the previous information.

Article 3 Withdrawal
If a member wishes to withdraw from the membership, the withdrawal procedure shall be performed by such member. After the completion of withdrawal procedure, the member may withdraw from the membership.

Article 4 Revocation of Membership
The Company may anytime revoke membership of the member who performs any of the following actions:
(1) Violation of the Terms
(2) Provision of false or wrongful information at the member registration procedure
(3) Neglect of payment obligation for the mail order
(4) Any actions troubling, disturbing or damaging other customers and the Company, or any other wrongful actions
(5) Over a year long absence from the use of the service
(6) Any other actions which the Company judges as inappropriate The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages to members arising from the actions performed by the Company under this Article except for those related to the sales contracts.
The existing sales contracts for products shall be performed under the Terms.
In the event that membership is revoked, all acquired member points shall be invalid without any consideration.

Article 5 Order Placement
Before placing an order, Customer shall check in advance the laws, the regulations and the prohibited item to import in the country of delivery address. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever if the parcels are seized by the authority in the country of destination or if the custom in the country of destination demands high customs duties. Also the refund for the products and the shipping and handling charges to such Customer shall not be made by the Company for these reasons.
Even if products were successfully added into Customer’s shopping cart at the time of order placement, the stocks may run out during the payment process and the order may not be completed.
”Mail for Reception of Order” sent by the Company is purely to confirm reception of Customer order and is nothing to do with the Company’s approval on the purchase order. Please note that part or whole of order items may not be available due to a discrepancy between the stock status on the Website and the actual stock status even the “Mail for Reception of Order” was sent.
Once the purchase order approval is made, “Order Confirmation Mail” will be sent. A contract between the Company and Customer shall be made when the “Order Confirmation Mail” is sent.
Once purchase order is confirmed, the change on size, color, quantity and so on and the delivery address and the cancellation of order are not accepted.
If some items on purchase order are unavailable, the Company shall deduct the amount for the unavailable items from the bill and dispatch the rest of available items without prior notice.
Also if such unavailable items are in stock later, the Company will not dispatch them once the parcel has already been arranged. Please place a new order for them if necessary.

Article 6 Order Cancellation
After the “Order Confirmation Mail” was sent by the Company, the purchase order cancellation may not be accepted.

Article 7 Delivery
The Company will use the Express Mail Service (EMS) for the shipments. Customers are not in a position to choose the shipping method regardless of country and region.
The ordered items will basically be dispatched within 14 days following the day of order confirmation. However, dispatch may be delayed depending on the ordered items, the stock situation or the season. In addition, due to the nature of the products on the Website, longer production lead time possibly is required.
The Company may arrange one shipment for multiple orders from the same Customer at the Company’s convenience. Even in this case, the Company shall not separately and partially refund the shipping and handling charges.
If the Company delivered the parcel to the registered address but Customer failed to receive it, the Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the result. If such Customer wishes to deliver new address, the Company shall separately charge such Customer for the actual expenses incurred for the arrangement.

Article 8 Shipping and Handling Charge
The shipping and handling charges are calculated based on the total amount and the total weight of order and include fees of EMS or international courier service, insurance and the like.
The payment for shipping and handling charges is required to be settled with the payment for the total amount of order.
The Company shall not refund for the ordered items and the shipping and handling charges for the return shipment for Customer’s own reason or due to overdue of the retention period at post office. If any expenses are incurred in connection with the return shipment, the Company may ask such Customer to pay such expenses. If such Customer wishes to re-deliver the returned products, the Company shall separately charge the Customer for the actual expenses incurred for the arrangement.

Article 9 Payment
The payment amount is the total of the amount of ordered items and the shipping and handling charges.
The payment terms of Customer’s credit card company and PayPal shall apply to the payment. Please contact the company of credit card or PayPal for further details on the limit and terms.
At the time of order placement, please use the credit card on which Customer’s name is shown as the card folder. If the card folder name is not identified, the Company may cancel the order without a prior notice.
The settlement currency for credit cards and PayPal is USD or TWD.

Article 10 Customs Duty and Export Certificate
Depending on the laws and regulations in the country of destination, customs duty, VAT, customs charge, shipping charge or the like may be incurred. If such expenses are incurred, Customer (the consignee if the person who receives the shipment is not the same person who placed an order) shall bear the actual expenses incurred and be directly charged by the post office or the delivery company in the country of destination.
The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the delay in delivery due to troubles during the customs clearance.
The Company shall not issue export certificates including certificates of origin for the delivery.

Article 11 Returns and Exchanges
Many products sold on the Website are made to order items and handmade products. Therefore the Company may accept returns or exchanges only if the delivered products are different from what you have ordered (wrongly shipped) or defective items.
If you wish to return or exchange the products, contact the Company by email with the photos indicating the conditions of products within 7 days of receipt. If you wish to exchange the products, please specifically mention about it.
The Company shall check the conditions and judge whether the returns or exchanges are acceptable.
When the Company decides to accept the returns or exchanges, please send the products within 7 days.
The Company may reject the request for returns if you contact the Company after 8 and more days of receipt or returned the products without prior notice.
If you return the products purchased in set (pairs, combinations and the like), return the products exactly in the same conditions (including accessories) as delivered. The Company may not accept returns or exchanges if there are any missing parts.
For returning the products, use EMS service. Fill in the attached return shipment form sent in the email from the Company informing the acceptance of your return request and then attach to the products to be returned. The return shipment without the return shipment form may cause delay in the return shipment procedure at the Company. Don’t send the products by sea, Surface Air Lifted (SAL) or commercial international shipping service such as DHL, Fedex and UPS. The Company shall not accept the products returned by such services and shall not refund for the products. As a temporary measure, please pay the shipping and handling charges for the return shipment for the Company. The Company shall not accept the payment for such expenses upon receipt of the return shipment.
As soon as the Company can confirm the arrival of the return shipment, the Company shall dispatch the exchanges or refund for the products.
The Company refund for the products if the exchanges are not available due to reasons such as out of stock or discontinuation.
Returns or exchanges are not accepted if it falls into the following cases:
・If you don’t contact the Company within 7 days after receipt
・Used product
・Product without case or packages (bag, case)
・Product which Customer modified or dry cleaned
・Product which Customer scratched or damaged (including attachment of cosmetics, odors and smells)
・Product without the original tag
・Deformed product due to trial fitting or trial use (For example, deforming around the neck or wrists of shirt)
・Sale product
・Made to order product
・Return request because you are unhappy with the product and exchange request to other size, color and patterns
・Return or exchange request because the actual product is not what you imagined with the images on the Website
・Return shipment without the return shipment form or the attached return shipment form is not completed
*Please note that the colors of actual products may differ from those on the product images on the Website depending on your PC monitor, browser setting or the setting of lights at the product image shooting.
The refund for the products and the shipping and handling charges for the return shipment shall be settled through the credit card/Pay Pal used for the order placement.
The settlement rate of the credit card/PayPal for the returns may not be the same as that applied for the order placement. Due to this reason, Customer may have foreign exchange gain or loss with the refund.
The Company assumes no responsibility for such loss and shall not accept Customer’s request for compensation.
Please note that the completion of refund may take maximum two months.

Article 12 Compensation for Damage
If Customer performs any of the following actions, such Customer shall compensate the damages to the Company caused by such action:
(1) Misuse of member ID and password
(2) Access to the Website to overwrite the information or transmit harmful programs to the Website and cause a disturbance in the Company operation
(3) Any action infringing intellectual property rights of the products handled by the Company
(4) Any action infringing any of the Terms

Article 13 Handling of Customer Information
1. The Company shall not provide the retained customer information to third parties without prior consent from Customers. However, by way of exception, the Company may disclose the information without Customers’ prior consent in the following cases:
(1) When the Company is officially requested under the applicable laws and regulations
(2) Cases where the Company judges the disclosure is necessary to protect the Company’s rights, interests, credibility and the like
2. The Company shall handle the retained customer information under the Company’s “Privacy Policy”. The Company may utilize such customer information to improve the provision of service and the contents of service, to promote the use of service, and to secure healthy and smooth operation of the service.
3. The Company may offer information (including advertisements) to the members by the email newsletters or other methods. If a member wishes not to receive such information and notices the Company of such wish according to the method specified by the Company, such information service will be terminated. However, the request for termination of sending essential information to operate the Website shall not be accepted.

Article 14 Prohibition
Upon using the Website, Customer shall not conduct any action falling under the following items:
1. Any action violating laws, regulations, the Terms, the note on the use of the Website, the note on shopping on the Website and the like
2. Any action intending to libel or defame credibility of the Company or third parties or any action infringing rights of the Company or third parties or any action damaging interest of the Company or third parties
3. Any action that may adversely affect physically and mentally young people or any action offensive to public order and morals
4. Any action troubling other users and third parties or giving other users and third parties a feeling of discomfort
5. Input of false data.
6. Sending or posting harmful computer programs, mails or the like
7. Illegal access to the Company’s servers and other computers
8. Letting, transferring or sharing of password to third parties
9. Any action which the Company judges inappropriate

Article 15 Suspension of Website
1. In order to maintain the Website in good condition, the Company may suspend any or part of the Website without prior notice in the case specified in each of the following items:
(1) When such suspension is necessary for regular or emergency system maintenance
(2) When the load is concentrated to the system
(3) When the operation of system is difficult due to fire, power failure, obstructive behavior by third parties and etc.
(4) When the Company determines such suspension of the system necessary
2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages to Customer arising from the actions performed by the Company under this Article.

Article 16 Modification and Termination of Website
1. The Company may modify or terminate any or part of the Website without prior notice.
2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages to Customer arising from the actions performed by the Company under this Article.

Article 17 Disclaimer
1. The Company does not guarantee the Website suits Customer’s specific purposes or has the expected function, commodity value, accuracy and usability, or Customer’s use of the Website complies with the applicable laws and regulations or internal rules of industry group, or the Website doesn’t cause any trouble.
2. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damages to members arising from the system interruption, suspension, termination or data loss caused by communication line or computer troubles or arising from unauthorized access to the data and any damages to members related to the Company’s services.
3. The Company does not guarantee mail content sent through a web page server domain of the Company or the like does not contain harmful content such as computer viruses.
4. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses caused by Customer’s violations of the Terms or the like.
5. In the event that defects in the products which Customer purchased through the Website or personal injury (including death) or property damages caused by the use of such products occur, the Company, the business partners of the Company and the manufacture of such products assume no responsibility whatsoever and Customer shall not claim for such damages.

Article 18 Ownership of Rights
The rights for all programs, software, services, trademark and trading name which constitute the Website, for the services and products provided by the Company or the Company’s business partners and for the related technologies are owned by the Company, the Company’s business partners, the owners of the programs and/or the information providers. Any action violating such rights shall not be permitted.
Infringement action on or modification of any programs and software constituting the Website by users shall not be permitted. In the event of a dispute in violation of the provisions of this Article, Customer shall resolve such dispute at Customer’s own expense and responsibility. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for such dispute.

Article 19 Revision of Terms
The Company may modify or add the contents of the Terms and may provide terms to supplement the Terms (hereinafter called “Supplemental Terms”). The modification of the Terms and Supplemental Terms shall take effect immediately upon posting on the prescribed page on the Website. In this case, Customer shall comply with such modification of the Terms and Supplemental Terms.

Article 20 Governing Law/ Jurisdiction
The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, without reference to principles of conflicts of laws.
The District Court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of the Company shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising in connection with the Terms.

Established on November 30, 2017
Revised on December 19, 2017