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Anmon Chef’s Kitchen Knife Pipe Handle Bilateral Cutting Edge

Anmon Chef’s Kitchen Knife Pipe Handle Bilateral Cutting Edge
Anmon Chef’s Kitchen Knife Pipe Handle Bilateral Cutting Edge

Anmon Chef’s Kitchen Knife Pipe Handle Bilateral Cutting Edge

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Artist: Nigara Forging

Place: Aomori, Japan

Crafts Name: Tsugaru forged knives

Primary Material: Steel

Type: Kitchen knife

Dimensions: full length 285mm (11.22”), Blade Length 165mm (6.50”)

Weight: 260g (9.17oz)

About Products: These all-purpose knives are mainly used for meats, but they can also be used for vegetables and fish. These knives, used all over the world, are thin, light, and easy-to-use.
Tsugaru forged knives are the products of Hirosaki City of Aomori and designated as a traditional craft of Aomori. The Nigara Forging whose products are available on Asia Japan Crafts is one of the most prestigious swordsmiths in Japan established in the Edo Period with over 350 year history. The traditional swordsmithing technique has been passed on to the present generation and has been realigned to creating knives. One of the original techniques of the Nigara Forging, “Anmon” is ripple marking on forged and polished steels made with 25 layers of steel. It results in a sharp and durable blade, resistant to rust. The quality has been highly regarded not only in Japan but also in the world.

GREAT GIFT: This forged kitchen knife is made using skills handed down through generation and makes an amazing gift for that special person. It is a true piece of quality Japanese handmade forged kitchen knife unlike much of the mass produced products on the market today.

*All artworks are handmade. Therefore please note that in terms of shape, color, color of patterns and color density, every single item has own flavor and the actual artwork you received may slightly differ from the images on the Website.

*If we run out of stock, after receiving your order, the artist starts the production. Depending on the artwork, we may not be able to supply or longer production lead-time is required. Please contact our customer support for the delivery date.

Please note the next points to prevent possible damage or injury. The Company and the creators assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused in connection with customers' use of products.
*Use an appropriate knife to cut hard food (fish bone, chicken bone, beef bone, pork bone) and frozen food including frozen meat. Don’t attempt to stick the tip of knife on hard objects or don’t move the knife left and right while cutting food. Avoid dropping the knives. Those actions may result in damaging the blade.
*Cutting frozen food makes the blade quickly cool. Thus the blade will be easily damaged by misuse.
*Exposure of the knives to the fire or to high temperature may result in turning the steels into normal metals. So don’t attempt to do it.
*Store the knives out of the reach of children.

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