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Pottery Chopstick Rest Lion Design

Pottery Chopstick Rest Lion Design
Pottery Chopstick Rest Lion Design

Pottery Chopstick Rest Lion Design

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Artist: Naoko Yoshizawa

Place: Tochigi, Japan

Crafts Name: Mashiko-yaki

Primary Material: Pottery

Type: Chopstick rest

Dimensions: D40mm*W30mm*H8mm (1.6”*1.2”*0.3”)

Weight: 20g (0.71oz)

About Products: It's a lion design chopstick rest. You may put chopstick, and it is also good one article to display.
Mashiko-yaki pottery ware began in 1853 (Edo Period), when a potter discovered ideal conditions in the nearby mountain clay and red pine wood for firing. The color of pottery is based on what kinds of glaze potters use. There are typical seven glazes used for Mashiko-yaki, such as Nukajiro (rice bran white), Kakigusuri (persimmon glaze), Kokugururi (black glaze), Amegusuri (amber glaze), Haigusuri (ash glaze), Shiogusuri (salt glaze), and Galena glaze. The glaze is poured on liberally and other traditional techniques used to give this ware a strong-feeling beauty and warm feel to the touch. Mashiko-yaki received the Nationally Designated Traditional Craft Product designation in 1979.

GREAT GIFT: This chopstick rest is made using skills handed down through generation and makes an amazing gift for that special person. It is a true piece of quality Japanese handmade pottery unlike much of the mass produced products on the market today.

*All artworks are handmade. Therefore please note that in terms of shape, color, color of patterns and color density, every single item has own flavor and the actual artwork you received may slightly differ from the images on the Website.

*If we run out of stock, after receiving your order, the artist starts the production. Depending on the artwork, we may not be able to supply or longer production lead-time is required. Please contact our customer support for the delivery date.

Please note the next points to prevent possible damage or injury. The Company and the creators assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused in connection with customers' use of products.
・ Handle with care and don’t give a strong shock.
・ Please stop using the artwork with cracks.
・ Avoid a sudden temperature change.
・ Don’t drag the artwork on floor or table.
・ If it is tableware, use soft sponge and neutral detergent to clean it after use.
・ Thoroughly wipe the water and dry well.
・ Please Don't use microwave if the pottery has gold or silver decoration on it.

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